MAGOP is a company of real estate investment advisory in the Portuguese market, focusing on buy side mandates.

MAGOP provides essentially two types of services:

* Real estate investment advisory: From opportunity identification until the last stage of the investment, MAGOP provides full support on every aspect related to the transaction. Our job is to identify real estate opportunities best suited to each client’s risk-return profile, modelling the business case and providing all the legal support associated with the investment.
* Real estate portfolio management: MAGOP also provides a portfolio management service, in which it guarantees both the property management and the advisory regarding the optimization of its clients’ asset allocation. 


* MAGOP’s philosophy is based on the Value Investing thesis developed by Benjamim Graham during the 30s and later widespread by the well-known investor Warren Buffett. This thesis is founded around the margin of safety concept. Margin of safety is regarded as the capital preservation factor of an investment, allowing the investor to limit the downside of its bets and to focus them in opportunities yielding a risk-return trade-off clearly favorable. Our firm aims to know its customers very well in order to match market opportunities that fit this investment thesis with our customers’ risk profiles.


* In order to hire our services you simply have to send an e-mail to with your full name, type of service pretended, phone number and preferred dates to be contacted.